Bye 'Heavy Boobs'! Rachel Bloom Shares Before and After Surgery Photos

Bigger isn’t always better. Rachel Bloom opened up about getting breast reduction surgery more than a year after welcoming her first child.

“Before pregnancy, I hadn’t ever craved a breast reduction,” the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and creator, 34, stated via her Instagram caption along with before and after photos. “I was pretty happy with where my body was at.”

The Golden Globe winner, who wrote the viral hit “Heavy Boobs” for the CW musical TV show, said her breasts were occasionally “annoying and sweaty (and yes, heavy),” but that didn’t make her want surgery. “I was lucky to never really experience major physical discomfort from them,” she explained.

Bloom and her husband, How I Met Your Mother writer Dan Gregor, welcomed their daughter, whose name they haven’t disclosed, in March 2020. The pregnancy changed the songwriter’s body, pushing her bra cup size from a double or triple D to a G. Pregnancy and breastfeeding also resulted in a change in texture, making her chest “super soft.” The changes in weight and feel came with unpleasant side effects.

“I started to get underboob rashes, shoulder grooving (when your bra strap digs into your skin), neck issues and night sweats (I couldn’t fall asleep unless I had a pillow in BETWEEN my breasts),” the I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are author revealed.

The star took her time deciding who should handle the surgery. She met with three doctors before she “settled on someone lovely.” She also noted that she wasn’t making a drastic change in cup size.

“My request was to just go back my pre-pregnancy size (if not maybe a little bit smaller),” she said before adding in the comments, “I was a dd/ddd before I got pregnant and a g after pregnancy/breastfeeding so I just wanted to go back down to a d.”

Bloom concluded, “I’m still healing so we’ll see what happens. But I already feel more comfortable and relieved.”

In April, Bloom warned her followers that she was considering the surgery, but she didn’t want any opinions on it. “I’m probably gonna get a breast reduction soon and I don’t want to hear any man’s gross thoughts on that decision right now,” she wrote via Instagram alongside a selfie. “And since there’s no way to block comments from just men on this post I’m turning off comments for everyone to teach men a lesson.”

She isn’t the only star to open up about a breast reduction. Modern Family star Ariel Winter underwent surgery to reduce her bra size from 32F to a 34D in June 2015 when she was 17 after experiencing not just self-esteem issues but also back and neck pain. The now 23-year-old told Glamour shortly after the procedure that it was life-changing.

“Once the surgery was completed, I can’t even explain the feeling. [A week later], I was buying clothes and crying as I put them on, I was so happy,” she told the magazine at the time. “You just feel so relieved and excited. You feel like a new person. You feel like this is how I was supposed to be.”

Scroll down to see pictures of Bloom before and after the surgery:

Bye 'Heavy Boobs'! Rachel Bloom Shares Before and After Surgery Photos
Months Before
Bloom revealed she was thinking about breast reduction surgery with an April 28 selfie. “Capturing myself pre-breast reduction in @sleepoverbyesther,” she shared in a caption via Instagram.
Courtesy of Rachel Bloom/Instagram
Bye 'Heavy Boobs'! Rachel Bloom Shares Before and After Surgery Photos
Right Before
The leading lady showed off the surgeon’s markings on her breasts pre-surgery.
Courtesy of Rachel Bloom/Instagram
Bye 'Heavy Boobs'! Rachel Bloom Shares Before and After Surgery Photos
After the Breast Reduction

The “after” photo shows Bloom bandaged up and healing, but the New York University alum said she already feels “more comfortable and relieved.”

Courtesy of Rachel Bloom/Instagram

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