Every Time Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Body Positive

Ali Fedotowsky isn’t afraid to get real about all the changes her postpartum body goes through — including saggy skin and belly fat — because she’s learned to embrace her body’s imperfections.

Fedotowsky and her husband, Kevin Manno, welcomed their daughter, Molly, in 2016 and their son, Riley, was born in May 2018. The former Bachelorette has tackled the challenges of motherhood including an overlooked aspect of the role — loving her own skin.

In a blog post in July 2018, Fedotowsky revealed that she had received compliments from people praising that she “bounced back” to her pre-pregnancy figure. She wrote that, “While I appreciate the positive comments … I’m just good at picking out clothes that flatter my body and hide my tummy.” The same month, she told Us Weekly that she wanted her social media followers to see what can really happen to a woman’s body after giving birth.

“I didn’t want to be showing an unrealistic depiction of what my post-pregnancy body looks like,” she told Us.

Fedotowsky began documenting her body’s journey with candid photos on Instagram, which showed off aspects of her figure that are typically shrouded in shame. Her followers’ response to her honesty was overwhelming. She wrote on her Instagram Story in July 2018, “You guys have me legit ugly crying right now! Happy tears.”

In November 2018, she penned a post that transformed negative aspects of her body into elements of strength. “When I look at myself in the mirror I can’t help but notice that my hips are wider than they used to be, my wrinkles are deeper than when I was in my 20’s, and my stomach has lumps and bumps that didn’t used to be there,” she wrote.

The former reality TV star added, “My wrinkles are deeper because I’ve spent countless sleepless nights making sure my kiddos are cared for, fed, and loved. And my belly is extra squishy because it spent 18 months making sure two sweet little babies had a place to call home. Sometimes what we see as ‘flaws’ on the outside, are actually what make us stunningly beautiful on the inside.”

Scroll down to read Fedotowsky’s most inspiring quotes about body-positivity.

Every Time Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Body Positive
Keeping It Real

In a candid Instagram post, Fedotowsky shared some of the ways her body has changed after having two kids. “I’ve gone back-and-forth 1 million times in my head on whether not I wanted to post it,” she captioned a photoset of herself wearing different bikinis. “But at the end of the day, I know it’s important to be open and honest about my postpartum body in hopes that it helps even one person out there who is struggling with their own body image. My skin around my stomach is very loose and stretched out, I’m 15lbs heavier than I used to be, and my cup size has grown quite significantly.”

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Every Time Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Body Positive
Embracing the Change

In July 2018, she praised how extraordinary a woman’s body can be in another Instagram post. “Yes, I may have extra fat and loose skin around my belly, but that same body nourishes and comforts my child. Just another reason to love every inch of my body and how it has changed,” the TV personality wrote. 

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Every Time Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Body Positive
One Strong Mama

Fedotowsky showed off her bare stomach in an Instagram post in March 2019. She explained that she doesn’t hate the loose skin around her stomach because it represents so much more. “I earned this loose skin. I gave everything my body has to offer to bring two beautiful humans into this world! That’s not something I should feel ashamed of, that something I should feel empowered by!” she captioned a photo of herself showing off her bare stomach. 

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Every Time Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Body Positive
Stop Negative Self Talk

In November 2019, Fedotowsky explained why she thinks people should turn their body hate into love. “I often find myself criticizing my cellulite, the size of my waist and the fat around my tummy, and my nose,” she wrote. “Can you imagine how you might feel if your body decided it had enough of the self hate and stopped working for you? I think if we stop to think about our body parts and appreciate them for their true purpose and function rather than some arbitrary aesthetic that society put on them. Then we’d all be speaking to ourselves in a completely different way.”

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Every Time Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Body Positive
Making Health a Priority

The entertainment journalist told her followers that being open about health is just as important as talking about body image. “I’ll always strive to be accepting of my body as long as I’m taking care of it,” she wrote in an Instagram post in November 2019. “Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what my body looks like but it ABSOLUTELY matters how healthy my body is. Today, I’m so dang proud of this body of mine. And I vow to try to treat it better both physically and mentally for my children, and for my husband (because they need me), but most importantly for me.”

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