How Heidi Klum Stays in Supermodel Shape

At 46, Heidi Klum has never looked better. The secret to her fit body? Eating nutritious foods that are high in protein like eggs and lean chicken with a side veggies, and staying active. Her go-to is going for a run or doing yoga, but she insists she doesn’t workout much! Scroll down to learn more about the supermodel’s health and fitness tips.

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How Heidi Klum Stays in Supermodel Shape

“I eat quite a lot,” Klum previously told site Buro 24/7. “I just eat the right things.” Some of the former America’s Got Talent judge’s favorite staples include fruit-and-veggie smoothie in the morning, egg-white omelets with vegetables and lean proteins (like chicken or turkey) in her lunch and raw nuts for a snack. She tends to keep her dinners smaller than her lunches. And Klum is a huge believer in variety. “Every day we cook something different,” the Germany native added. 


How Heidi Klum Stays in Supermodel Shape

When you’ve had your legs insured for $2.2 million, you’re making a big statement about the importance of your body. Klum says her favorite workout is running along the West Side Highway in New York City, but she’s also into hiking, trampolining, yoga, circuit training and tennis. And she works out less than you’d think. “I don’t really exercise that much,” the businesswoman told the site. “I don’t think you have to do a lot, but if you do a little bit [regularly], I think that’s important.”

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How Heidi Klum Stays in Supermodel Shape
Simple Secret

It’s always more fun with a friend! “My best advice,” Klum dished to Glamour, “is to workout with a buddy. They keep you motivated and get you out of bed.” When you’re exercising solo, it’s far too easy to stop short of your goal, so having someone else to hold you accountable can make all the difference. 

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