Bridesmaids | Food Poisoning at the Bridal Shop


37 thoughts on “Bridesmaids | Food Poisoning at the Bridal Shop

  1. Movies like this Don't last long in Theaters, Bridesmaids, Hustlers,
    Sex in The City. Etc. Hollywood Keeps Making Movies That We Never Asked For, Instead They Need To Make a Sequel To The Last Starfighter (1984) and Flight of The Navigator (1986)

  2. "Oh, you're really doing it, aren't you? You're just shitting in the street." that made me dying the first few times I watched it.

  3. Was a good movie up until that end scene where it turns out she didn't have it together and was using showing off as a coping mechanism for vague stress reasons that came out of nowhere then immediately best friends with Annie.

  4. 'Universal Pictures' Ca va pas? Ou sont les films des AKI KAURISMAKI (FINLANDE) "ARIEL" et ROY ANDERSSON (SUEDE)

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