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  1. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidel donde quiera que vur.Monster encantan tus videos.

  2. Deus!
    Livrai-me de tudo que pesa o meu caminhar, de tudo que aperta o meu coração, de tudo que me faz desacreditar do Teu amor.

    Afasta de mim a inveja, a fofoca e ensina-me a olhar somente para Ti e para o Teu querer em minha vida. Não permita que o cansaço e as decepções dos dias me enfraqueçam e dê-me a sabedoria necessária para lidar com aqueles que se levantam contra mim.
    Presidente urgente vá ao Hugo Cavajal e pegue as informações para acabar de vez com o mau no Brasil eles não podem sucatear nossas forças armadas mais!
    Bolsonaro o melhor presidente do Brasil e do mundo!

  3. Dreamworks needs to back making bible movies
    Just like Joseph king of dreams, the prince of egypt
    Start with prequel in Adam and Eve
    Sequel to the prince of egypt
    Gonna be 2D animation

    Maybe do DreamWorks End Times 12 part movies
    Based on left behind novels and book of revelation
    Events will happen in near future
    In end times movies everything is futuristic

  4. I wonder how many times Jordan Peele makes a new film he is asked “so is Keegan going to be in this one?”

  5. Already from the trailers, I knew this would be my favorite Peele film, but just the fact that Hoyte is his cinematographer for this one, I CANNOT wait to see this on IMAX! His work on Nolan's Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Tenet, they were very real experiences, not just films.

  6. The way the pLandemic circus was making people to wear face diapers is disturbing! So many obedient little sheeps

  7. I wish there were 70mm IMAX prints going out to theatres for this film, but if there were, I feel like we would have heard about it by now 😕

  8. Hoyte Van Hoytema being the DP of this film coming off TENET. Is such a huge testament to this movie’s script and vision.

  9. Shut about him being black, always gotta be woke, how about Jordan is just good as a human horror film director, MLK would be ashamed of y’all judging on skin not content of their character and or art, him being black has literally NOTHING! to do with his directing skills smh 🤦‍♂️

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