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  1. Such films about the war are needed to shake people from time to time and remind everyone what fascism is. A heartbreaking , an instructive film, the most powerful in terms of tension. One of the few films that leave a mark on the soul. Many years will pass, and the story of Oscar Schindler will be remembered thanks to this wonderful film. If "Schindler's List" is in the Top 250, then Oscar Schindler, I think, has a worthy place in Paradise.

  2. Very few movies has scenes in them that make me break down and sob. This scene is one of those scenes.
    The only movie with a scene more powerful (to me) is the flogging scene from The Passion of the Christ.
    Two incredible movies about men who gave all they had to save others.

    And I fully agree. Liam Neeson SHOULD have WON the award for this role.
    Anyone and everyone in this movie that was nominated SHOULD HAVE WON.

  3. This scene and the scene after the Krakow Ghetto immolation scene where Oscar says "You know, one day, this is all going to end. I figured we'd have a drink then." and then Stern responds as he begins to tear up with "I think I better have mine now." gets me choked up all the time.

  4. I come back to this movie from time to time, and without question every single time those five simple words conjure up a storm of sadness’s, “I could have gotten more” a testament to the kindness we people can posses and the good we can give. We are not all bad and even in the darkest hours of our history we still manage to do good.

  5. "I didn't do enough"? Let that sink in. He used to be a greedy scam artist who wanted nothing more than to be wealthy. And when he made the fortune he always wanted, he gave it all up. Every penny, to save the very same people he took advantage of. He gave up everything he worked so hard to get. And for that 1100 people got to live. And he still thinks he didn't do enough. No one could've done more than he did.

  6. I've been weeping for the past two hours. There's nothing quite like the beauty of the human spirit. How can a heart be split open and feel so much love at the same time. So much darkness, so much love. It seems life at the fringes is all of what we are. Truly, we only see clearly of what's important in the darkest of times. May we never forget, and let love for one another grow stronger because of it.

  7. All it takes is for one person to make a difference, just one , and then watch how that difference spreads like no other. That’s the power of love ❤️

  8. This is my favorite Liam Neeson film. I don't care if he doesn't have a plasma sword, or daughter issues. It's Oskar Schindler!

  9. Oskar Schindler
    "A Nazi Buried in Jerusalem."

    The Profound Respect This Man still gets in Israel is Heartwarming.

  10. "I could have got one more person. And I didn't. And I didn't!"

    A false hero: I’ve done so much
    A true hero: I could’ve done so much more

  11. one of my lifetime favourite movies. . . How I love this movie. I am not a Jew but I still can't fathom the height of atrocity committed against all those helpless human beings in Europe during that horrible time..I really can't believe that people of different ideology could do this horrific act against humanity just because those folks happened to be Jews. I myself still ask this very deep question today: "Why?" All I can do honestly, at times, is just sit, cry and pray. I wish I could personally visit Yad Vashem one day after all this covid-19 pandemic..long live the beautiful chosen land of Israel. Thank God there were Oskar Schindler and many other people, including the Filipinos during the time of President Manuel L. Quezon, who became safe refuge of those fortunate Jews who fled Europe back then. We don't forget. Love, respect, and best wishes from the Philippines

  12. I cry ever time I see this scene. First, because I am a Christian that believes all Jews are God's chosen people, as stated in the Word of God. Second, because I feel the same way Oscar Schindler does. "I could've saved at least one more.." 😢

  13. Why didnt he just stay with them? He would have had a better chance explaining himself with all their voices combined

  14. May we all remember this scene and this entire movie especially in these times when we see a foolish resurgence of anti-semitism in so many areas of the world !
    Perhaps Rep. Omar might want to consider viewing Schindler's List
    Might help her remember what that certain, " something " was that happened on 9-11 !

  15. And Tom Hanks won best actor that year. 'Scuse me while I make a tube shape with my fingers and do a stroking motion .

  16. I remember watching this movie in Middle School. I remember watching some of it because they censored some of the material in this movie. And I remember this scene and I was moved by this scene. 7 years later, I watched the whole movie and I can’t help but cry at this scene. My heart goes to those who lost their lives and those who survived the Holocaust. As a Christian, we have to side and support God’s people and I do so. I might not be Jewish but I will always thank them for being intelligent, passionate, and showing the love and compassion towards others that we need in this life and in this era. With all of the hatred and suffering many people are going through now, it hurts me to see as to how much many of us take things for granted. Especially life itself. God has blessed us dearly and wholly by giving us another day to bless Him and live another day with our families. Sorry for the long “rant” but this movie makes me tell others how I feel. Thank you to Steven Spielberg for making a memorable and moving masterpiece that will always be an accurate and beautiful portrait of what being human really means.

  17. Yes Liam an Ralph deserved an Oscar. I could hold it together the whole film but this scene so raw. Tears just flowed. Love the film. Oscar Schindler was certainly a great man righteous among us

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