The Hunt – Official Trailer [HD]


43 thoughts on “The Hunt – Official Trailer [HD]

  1. Wow… this is cool that it's coming back from the canceled state. Even the very first trailer was great to create the buzz. Looking forward to catch it in cinemas.

    Is this going to be limited or has a wide global release?

  2. Somewhat doubt Liberals could do such things. Also I think a better depiction which I also find would be rather hilarious would be watching a predator kill people from both Conservative and Liberal parties in an equally gory fashion. Nothing like a good spine ripping.

  3. Bout damn time they decide to release it. Amazing how people got so upset over a movie trailer about a movie they have never seen.

  4. Wasn’t this the movie that people petitioned to not be released because it was about liberals hunting trump supporters???

  5. Wait this is being released? I was scared I’d have to do some tricks to get a copy. Glad y’all have the guts to release the film regardless of who this pisses off. No studio should be afraid to eeelsse a film because of who it may anger regardless of which side of the political spectrum it’s on

  6. I wasn't expecting to see this movie actually released following it being pulled from the released schedule. I was disappointing that it got pulled since I was looking forward to it

  7. Remember guys, they put "satire" in the tags so if you happen to get offended then "you just can't take a joke".
    Because this movie is just trying to be funny and not targeting a certain group of people at all.

  8. I already know what this movie is about but after watching this trailer can someone please tell what this movie is about?

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