38 thoughts on “Actor Swaps That Ruined Entire Movies

  1. U guys are wrong about Clash of the Titans dude played awesome Persius & they made a sequel Wrath of the Titans both were awesome Movies an should be viewed by ANYBODY that is into Greek Mythology Adventure Stories …

  2. I think robo cop3 and clash of the Titans remake was ok but wrath of the Titans wasn't good. I do agree about the James Bond but kind of like the newer James Bond that they just barely put out remember who he is but he was in casino Royale he kind of lacked a lot of the other charisma and also I think there's some other remakes like some of the X-Men and the young Scott Summers and all the younger X-Men kind of lacked a little bit

  3. I don't think it's fair to use actor swaps as an excuse with movies like Clash of the Titans, when using the original actor wasn't even an option considering the near 30 year gap In time. Sure it's fair when an actor change is a few year later, but let's be realistic, decades of aging isn't a fair reason to list a movie

  4. On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a very much underrated movie and Lazenby is awesome. I understand the frustration at the time, but if you watch the Bond movies in order, the film stands out as it was very ahead of it's time in many, many regards.

  5. Speaking of Mara Rooney, her taking over from heather langenkamp as Nancy in a nightmare on elm street remake she was awful as Nancy and in no way believeable as a final girl in a horror

  6. Only problem with Lazenby is that he only played Bond once, he should at least 2-3 Bond films, Connery only returned on DAF after he was given a $1.25M if he do this film, between 1969-73 there was 3 different who played James Bond

  7. "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" was a solid Bond movie. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Connery was my favorite Bond but George was good.

  8. Clare foy wasn't good as lisbeth salander they made a terrible mistake in replacing Rooney mara ???

  9. I thought Omar Epps did a really good job replacing Wesley Snipes… This swap does not belong on the list…

  10. Clash of titans was good. Its just people are dumber and Greek mythology just doesn't interest common folk like it used to

  11. If Sam Worthington didn't let his Aussie accent come through in titans it might have been slightly better.

  12. And yet On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the closest to capturing the Bond of the novels. It's easily the most faithful to the book it's based on.

    I guess the plot of Terminator Genisys is "muddled" if you aren't paying attention.

    Does a remake really count as an actor replacing another? Don't you expect the roles to be recast in a remake?

  13. Honestly, Robert Burke was great for Robocop, its the script and storyline that was an absolute joke. And Sam Worthington lacked any real thespian ability to be a convincing god of any sort.

  14. Fun fact: Tom Hanks was originally considered for the role of the brother played by John Candy in Splash.

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