25 thoughts on “Actors Who Are Perfect To Play She-Hulk

  1. Well since SJW and Liberal minded folks complain I’m going to. I think she-hulk should be played by the Rock or Brock Lesner. Gender equality right? 😂

  2. Jennifer Garner as she-hulk. Just see her in ALIAS, can still look ripped, not too bulky looking lik Gina. But equally beautiful in a suit as a lawyer. Garner can act and has played action heroes and spies in the past. Nuff said.

  3. It just doesn’t depend on the physique. It’s more how well they can act. You know hulk is CGI, doesn’t depend on how bulky you are in real life

  4. Elizabeth Copeland aka WWE's Beth Phoenix.
    Tall, muscular and hot. Plus, as a wrestler, she has a basic understanding of choreographed fighting and acting (kinda).

  5. We all know the She Hulk will be CGI. So WTH would we need an actress that is tall, muscular or even trained to fight? Looper lay off that funny stuff when making these videos please.

  6. From the list I'd go for Carano or Palicki they have the build and natural sensuality which She Hulk has always had
    What about Rebecca Romijn?

  7. How about Aly Michalka. She’s played a lawyer before on iZombie which is a crucial part of Jennifer Walters career and she has the sexiness that She-Hulk is known for.

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