17 thoughts on “Actors Who Hate The Character That Made Them Famous

  1. Probably because they have a bad experience making the movies. No amount of money could replace their miserable experience in making those movies and TV shows anyways

  2. Guinness is a Thespian and felt the role was beneath him and even though it made him famous he didn't want to be know for just that role, but he should realize different fans from different generations recognize him from other film roles. Not every fan will know his other roles and Alec should understand from a fans perspective.

  3. "Sean Connery went on record as saying he wanted to kill James Bond."

    Well… his wish was eventually granted…

  4. I grew up in the real Hollywood, otherwise known as Culver City, Ca. A relative of George Reeves was a classmate at CCHS. According to that person, Mr. Reeves did not commit suicide, he was murdered.

  5. Sir Sean Connery became annoyed with the role because its all most folks remembered him for; Michael Caine, a close friend of his, noted that he was as good in other roles.
    Pierce Brosnan is said to refuse to watch ANY of his own Bond films, to the dismay of his sons.
    Daniel Craig’s response made sense- he Just Finished a Bond movie, and the press already harangues him about a follow up! Who wouldn’t be annoyed?

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