27 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame Team Again Defends Film's All-Female Scene

  1. After 10 years of these films trying to get everyone together, they all finally assemble only to have every female on the battlefield segregate themselves from any male counterparts just to have a forced, cringey, feminist moment. That's one way to ruin it.

  2. They have no reason to apologize. It was a nice moment of fan service in a movie full of nice moments of fan service.

  3. That all female scene was cringy, the way they were all walking with attitude,. Looked fucking stupid. Yup all the female characters just happened to be all right there.

  4. I loved it. I didn't think it was forced given how most of the heroes of the MCU are male anyway, and if people find that scene's probability unbelievable in a film where Tony figured out time travel in an afternoon, then I can't change their mind.

  5. Its useless pandering crap. If you want everyone to be equal, then make them equal. No need to have all the ladies have their own part in a movie about a team working TOGETHER to save the world. Its reverse sexist to push it past that point and only makes people resist it more. I also found the shot of all the Avengers at the start of AOU as useless pandering, even though that was meant to be a representation of a splash page from the comic books. And to finish, The Avengers is mainly about the core group not the add ons. Like JL is about the core group with others to help the story along. That's why Thor, Cap and Ironman are CenterStage and the rest are background characters.

  6. Watching without bias I felt more female power and bad ass vibes with the Scarlet Witch is seen alone then them forcing it to do with straight cringe and people all laughed in the theater

  7. I just don’t like it when they bring attention to it, because it just feels like they’re throwing it in your face that they’re female, and to me it’s just annoying because I don’t care if they’re female or male I just want to watch a movie not a feminist statement

  8. It was and will always be a beautiful scene. You can't please everyone. And there's no need to. It is what it is. Well done Marvel 🤟🏾

  9. Honestly, that was my favorite scene in endgame! I still get chills when i watch it. I want more though! Hopefully they'll do an a-force movie 😁

  10. Not a big deal, get over it. So fucking what they put the starring females together for 2/3mins lol Idiots need to move on. Get a life and get over it. Didn't worsen the movie for me at all, i was hooked on the real story being told.

  11. It felt so forced and cringe worthy. It took the audience out of what should have been an incredible finale that treated men and women equally without having an exclusionary scene like this. Ugh.

  12. Why even have men superheroes? It was done super corny. I'm all for women getting to vote or whatever. But yeah that scene was inorganic.

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