23 thoughts on “Batman Characters We Wish Had Their Own Movie

  1. I've said this before about the Joker movie should have been played by Mark Hamill.
    because he brought a lot to the character in so many ways.
    Hami is multitalented able to become the Joker better than so many others. Margot Robbie is another multi talented actor.
    and fans want to see her continue doing rolls perfectly good or bad as long as we get to see her.
    the second best actor that played the Joker was Heath Ledger unfortunately he died and he will be missed by everyone.

  2. My Dream Movie would be a Scorsese esc mob movie with Falcone and Maroni and the other families in Gotham

  3. its not that Batman is not needed right now , its that batman was overused and his time ran out . even if you bring him back in the cinematic universe in 20 years from now he wont last very long cause people will get bored fast . its like a video game . how mmany time can you play it and complete it to the end before you start playing but stop playing it thru the end ? eventually you will stop playing it entirely . Sure you can bring the same exact game years later on a new console and some added graphics to make it a bit more appealing but it will remain the same game at the end and the same storyline just redecorated a bit to make it a bit different than the original version but you'll get tired faster even with this version cause at the end its not really different than the original one .. Its like when you watch 20 seasons of Superman , eventually you'll get tired and want to watch Supergirl instead and that 20 years later you bring back Superman , he will last 5 season at the most

  4. I made an Ultimate Extended Cut for crisis on infinite earths. Even more action, more cameos, surprises and more insanity! I post 5 to 10 minutes each day of the entire thing. Go to my page to find the playlist.

  5. This is because of Joker last year enough.I would love a DC else world universe.Riddler Penguin yes😁Bring it on.

  6. Too much “ME TO PRODUCT”! Not enough “ITS JUST ME PRODUCT”! The film market needs more adult only content!

  7. How about a movie where Batgirl grows up into Batwoman so she can at least carry a title that appears equal to Batman?after all it is 2020. Just saying keeping Batgirl as a girl in perpetuity with no consideration to her being able to become a woman seems well a little “Weinsteinian” right?

  8. well i like all of theses ideas in this vid but here's what i'd want to bring to the table of what i thought for a Poison ivy movie idea i got when i'm filmmaker for starters i would have amy adams cast as her and i would make it like how todd phillips did with joker having it be influenced by taxi driver and the king of comedy and other movies my take on Poison ivy would be influenced by carrie, black swan and a few other movies and due to carrie being the main inspiration for my take on Poison ivy i'll have carrie white herself sissy spacek as ivy's mother

  9. If the make a movie about poison ivy 🌿 here are my casting choices Christina Hendricks , Bryce Dallas Howard, Jessica chastain , Lena Headey and Kathryn Hahn

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