41 thoughts on “Bear Walks Standing Upright | Hello Humans

  1. bears naturally stand on their hind legs while they feel threatened. it is to intimidate other possible predators

  2. Just saw this video, which was posted today on Disclose TV, where I first watched it. At first, it seemed to act too human, and I thought, ' No Way is this a Real Bear'…Then I watched it again and again with a more critical eye…My Conclusion…Definitely a REAL BEAR!…
    The legs and knee joints are entirely too darned short to be 2 children or even midgets "riding piggyback"..as someone earlier had commented. The face is very realistic, and the reactions of the couple seem genuinely amused and taken aback by this very human-acting bear.
    One thing that is very apparent is that this poor bear is very emaciated and needs to gain at least another 100 lbs to look anything like a normal healthy bear..Poor thing! Not sure if it is injured as some have suggested, but I feel this is the "Real Deal"…though it is apparently starved…My 2 cents. Peace!

  3. This is fake. It's too unnatural for a bear to walk like that, and the head looks way too big. I'm calling faked for views

  4. I think its real. I mean look at the size of the feet. Anyone else notice that? And if it was a costume I don't think that the mouth would move.

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