50 thoughts on “Best Videos Compilation August 2016 || JukinVideo

  1. Are you f'ing kidding? there is nothing 'best' about a video of two cars in a highway frontal collision, people die from that shit!

  2. 2:36 holy shit that impact. it was so loud and the cars were going so fast and they just… Omg… I just can't believe that. never seen anything like that.

  3. I like how in the "wrong way" one, the guy driving the right way is just like oh shit there's a car coming towards me, I'm gonna just continue to drive straight instead of get over into the other lane

  4. That moment when you recognise the "Tower of David" in a parcour video. The tower is a fucking waste of money, a total modern ruin. Now, Caracas looks beautiful as always in despite of the great perils that are hidden in it's streets.

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