Beyonce Vs. The Machine | Mrs. Carter’s Weave Caught in Fan

26 thoughts on “Beyonce Vs. The Machine | Mrs. Carter’s Weave Caught in Fan

  1. Damn straight! Years agao I thought"oh just another good looking girl group who cannot sing". Then I saw them perform acapella singing on SNL one of my favorite BeeGee's songs and my butt was checked and I admitted it to one and all.So now I have loads of respect for her as a performer.

    loads or respect to her as a performer.

  2. Honey even if you have a weave and it gets caught you can still feelit cause it is bonded or sewn to your hair.

  3. Jerks! She's not lip syncin all yal are just hatin idgf if you sll give me negative votes it still shows tht you're one of the haters

  4. The bitch would have freaked if it was her own hair as that would have hurt like hell and that was hilarious to watch! However she handled it like a G and it wasn't a nice thing to actually see her head jerk when it first got caught but she dealt with it after she is BEYONCE

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahhaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    see your hairdo

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