39 thoughts on “Bill Skarsgård Would Make A Terrifying Joker And Here's Proof

  1. He does look like he'd be a good joker but to this day for Gotham.. Cameron Monaghan was #1 for me as the joker. He was perfection

  2. Because he's already played a scary clown that's the reason he is being suggested and that is the reason he is not suitable to play The Joker because it will be Pennywise on the screen not The Joker. I want to be reminded of Batman not IT.

  3. Why don't they just make it Joaquin as Joker for the Reeves Batman universe? This time with an accurate look.

  4. You don’t need “proof.” His most iconic role was the second most notable clown of all time. Of course he’d be a great joker.

  5. Another thing that would make the Bill Skarsgård perfect for the Joker is your height, comic Joker is very tall it has 1.96 and the Bill Skarsgård has 1.91.

  6. Matt Reeves trilogy should focus on Batmans other rogue gallery villains. We've had enough jokers ffs. Joaquin Phoenix Joker is going to be a trilogy as well.

  7. Bill scars guards performance as Pennywise is literally one of the best performances I’ve ever seen or that has ever been. I’m not saying you have to like the movie. But it’s unreal how good it is. As well as Johnny Depp‘s Jack sparrow. Being able to craft a character and make it so iconic is more impressive than just being a more grounded character with a great performance.

  8. Let mark Hamill play Joker…. Movie magic can make him look any kind of way, and he’s got the voice down

  9. He did a memorable job playing Pennywise so he should be typecast playing make-up wearing villains?

    No thanks. I prefer he’d make more Assassination Nations and Nine Days; how many more stupid damned Jokers do we need? Death to that insipid character already!

  10. willem dafoe to be the next joker is an obvious choice. skarsgard has had a big enough impact in the creepy character scene for now.

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