39 thoughts on “Brown Bear Thief CAUGHT Stealing Dumpster

  1. love how the bear looks over his shoulder to ensure that no one's around, and that there's enough space for the dumpster to go through.

    props to yogi!

  2. "I just saw a bear stealing the dumpster out back!"
    "Well why didn't you stop it?"
    "…he was a BEAR stealing a DUMPSTER. I'm not telling him no."

  3. We don't have brown bear in Colorado. It may be the color brown but technically it's a black bear. I hate to sound all PC but cmon.

  4. I saw this NGW and I thought that is one smart bear. I mean he knew what he was doing. If he were a human he'd be a great athlete. I mean he'd be the best lineman (offense or defense) in the NFL.

  5. Shows even more of the strength of Bears and this dumpster the Bear was dragging weighed more then the Bear itself.

  6. "Aww shit man what we got here… AW NIGGA I SMELL PIZZA…. NIGGA WE GOT SOME PIZZA! Bout to take you home tonight…"

  7. See Yogi is smarter than the average bear! He's got himself a nice smorgasbord. If the camera hadn't shown us what happened some would've blamed a ghost or an alien or a homeless person. Goes to show how powerful they are.

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