43 thoughts on “Can Wonder Woman Lift Thor's Hammer?

  1. Absolutely it was proven in marvel versus DC in 1997, although not canon it absolutely is the best explanation to if she can.

  2. It's kinda obvious she can I mean shes a Amazonian warrior who has god like abitlitee in the movie she literally can wield lightning showing her that Zeus ha gifts her heavily also there 2 origin stories for her one is made of clay second is she is the daughter of Zeus

  3. This is an easy answer. Reason being, Wonder Woman would be an equivalent to Captain America and we already know Captain America can lift Thor's hammer. And this answer is before I even seen the video

  4. The only reason Black Widow wouldn't be able to lift Thor's Hammer is because she would believe herself unworthy. If she let ago of all the self loathing and self doubt and embraced the good in her heart she could lift it.

  5. I've seen it happen, not even going to watch the video, go read some comics and come back with questions that haven't been answered.

  6. Ohhh…..when you said " Can Wonder Woman lift Thor's Hammer ? " you meant that literally.
    I thought you meant Thor's…you know…Hammer.

  7. If I said no then I would get a whole lotta crap, so yeah she’s a girl, she can lift it . You know what mean

  8. Wonder Woman already picked up Thor's hammer in the DC vs Marvel Crossover in her battle against Storm of the Xmen. She dropped the hammer because she thought it would give her an unfair advantage but it was her biggest mistake to date. Storm wiped the floor with her!

  9. Some comics don’t link up with the MCU the comic didn’t link up with the MCU at all even the Superman one none of them linked up with MCU

  10. Asgardians tend to be more morally grey then Amazons? Am I the only one who remembers how Amazons reproduce, by finding men at sea on their boats, mate with them and then kill them all afterwards after they get knocked up and then throw the bodies overboard? They onlt keep the female babies and kill the boys.

  11. Worthy under Asgardian standards. If we go back to WW origins where she was made of clay, she’d be no different than an elevator.

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