20 thoughts on “Captain Marvel Bloopers That'll Make You Love The Cast

  1. I'm sorry but captain marvel was just a generic film with a terrible cast and Brie Larson is an egotistical sexist person who takes advantage of being in movies to spread her idiotic messages.

  2. looper: Captain Marvel Bloopers That'll Make You Love Brie larson

    everybody: really?
    looper: right…Captain Marvel Bloopers That'll Make You Love The Cast

  3. Could this challenge stop trying to make us love the cast and the abomination of characters this movie has. It's a bad movie no matter how you spin it

  4. The MCU is now dead, brie and her open SJW man hating with her open femninst statements on her press tour. Marvel themselves said that she is the future of marvel and will lead the next avengers…. The future of the MCU has gone full SJW/femninst, i'm done and out. With captain Hillary 2016 the future its over.

  5. When she drop the Tesseract, they should have keep it in the movie and could almost have this happened to every Stones in différent ways already in Guardians of the Galaxy, when Peter Quill gives The orbs containing the power Stone to The collector, he dropped it by mistakes and retrieved it so quickly
    Because it’s a natural reflex everybody’s does it if something slips of your hand you try instantly to catch it up, and he keep forwarding it to the collector
    Like it never happened, and they keep this scenes in the movie because it was way to hot how everything happens so fast and look so natural, like the complete team has their goofy moments, maybe not do this with all the six stones but if they keep it in Capitaine Marvel I’m pretty sure that at this precise moment in the movie all the theatres would have exploded in laughs saying she did exactly like Star Lord , but by looking at the scenes it would be easy to say it was scripted but even by watching it in slow motions it became more and more evident that it’s real, witch should have made it even more funnier,
    Really don’t get why they didn’t keep it.

  6. The trolls are back in numbers, watch then tty to review bombed CM 2 when it comes out and it makes $1B again lol, I'll come back to this comment if it does happen again

  7. Title should just be CM bloopers. Some were funny, some not and I still feel the same way about the characters as I did before…..meh! Except for Coulson…..always a plus.

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