Confusing Moments in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Explained

23 thoughts on “Confusing Moments in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Explained

  1. Biggest confusing mcu moment is a super women gathering together for a woman pose during a big battle in Endgame

  2. You missed the purple wisps of smoke that are usually associated with Agatha when the Scarlet Witch was crushed. Implying that Agatha have something to do with maybe saving Wanda in someway.

  3. you didn't explain the 2nd post credit scene? that's literally the most important credit scene in all of MCU.i urge anyone who haven't watch it to stay to the very end to watch the final credit scene.

  4. If Sam Raimi really makes SPIDER-MAN 4

    Then Sony will have to get rid of AVI ARAD

    Or else, it will be just another failure

  5. 1:06 Wanda likely dreamwalked into her variant from Defender Strange's universe, and made that ribbon monster there to catch America who was currently in that universe, chasing them all the way to the Book of Vishanti

  6. In the comics, telepaths and sorcerers can both travel the same astral plane. Then again, I'm not aware of dreams equaling other universes in the comics.

  7. This was seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It was such a let down, considering I've liked over 90% of the other MCU movies (minus Iron Man 3, DS2, and The Eternals).

  8. Looper have uploaded videos on this movie that have a total runtime of..
    "4 hour and 15 min"

    Doctor Strange : The Multiverse of Madness itself has the total runtime of..
    "2 hour 8 min"

  9. You guys at looper need to rewatch the movie. America doesn't know how to use her powers. AND she assumes her parents are dead until she talks to 616 strange who gives her hope. She did not meet defender strange while jumping universes looking for her parents. She explains that she only displays her powers when she is really scared. Meaning up until the point she only has traveled accidentally. Defender strange found her and was helping her just like 616 strange did but defender strange didn't have the help of Wong and the demon was much more formidable then the 1 sent to 616.

  10. Also the last 15 minutes of the last episode of wandavision is what sets her up to be a villain. Also Dr strange knows the orchard is fake because he said the flower almost smells real meaning he k knows…you guys reeally gotta rewaatch

  11. To be honest I didn't like it, it's just more of the same stuff, they always win in the end and know this before the movie even starts runes the movie, I like Wanda and she shouldn't of been killed off

  12. Is nobody going to talk about how Dr.Strange is literally carrying the whole MCU on his back?

    The guy figured out the one and only way to win against Thanos, he sent back the villains in No Way Home to their proper verses, bargained with Dormamu, and he stopped reality warping Scarlet Witch.

    My guy has to be tired at this point .

  13. Im confused, that Looper spots confusing moments in a PGA 13 rated movie. Only they can find some things there, they think are confusing.

  14. Correction: everything in Red is when Wanda's power is on display. Wanda did not create the apple orchard from magic, she was telling the truth, she did plant them. She converted the field into hideous overgrown death using magic when it turned red. It was similar to the hex from Wanda Vision

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