32 thoughts on “Daredevils Hang Off Crane on Skyscraper | Death Defying

  1. …and when they fall, two things occur: 1) They get 1st place for the annual "Darwin awards" and 2) They clean out their respective family gene pools.

  2. The biggest tragedy, if one of fell, would have been the drone not being able to keep up.. f#@king mormons…

  3. Lame… they should have done this with a pogo stick or a segway hover scooter. Or maybe in high heels… that would have been fun to watch.

  4. these vids should be banned from the web. so no other stupid ppl try to replicate for the views. many ppl died trying this but they dont show us thoes vids. only this succesuful vids. watch NERVE Moview

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