27 thoughts on “DC Characters Missing From Crisis On Infinite Earths

  1. Who cares if Felicity isn't there? I don't. I couldn't stand her long before the whole bandwagon hate train started. The character is flawed in various ways. Mainly likeability and relatability with the way they absolutely had to make her the smartest person in the room as well as the most attractive. When you make a character this way it's stupid because where's the room for relatability? There is none if the character is the smartest and most beautiful person in the room both at the same time when there should be a balance. They made her a nerd and yet she doesn't struggle with meeting and forming relationships with various suiters. Doesn't struggle with dating at all. If they at least gave her something like that she'd be alot more relatable. They gave her no flaws or insecurity to make her relatable. But mostly all the characters on Arrow are unrelatable and plain unlikable from what I've seen given the things they've done which brings me to my next point. She can get away with some of the most absurd crap and has even justified some of the things done by her boyfriend.

  2. Unless I missed something…no Helen Slater Supergirl? I thought it would've been cool to have Kara meet an alternate Kara and be surprised to see she looks just like her Earth-mom. I mean, Helen's already a cast member, so it should've been an easy one to do.

  3. Big ones they missed were the speedsters because in the battle of The Crisis, all kinds of speedsters were meant to appear and they didn't? Why?

  4. No mention of Hawkman & Hawkwoman? Or Rip Hunter? Vixen? Firestorm? Ragman (all he got was, we used to have a Rory on our team)?

  5. controversial opinion Im so glad Felicity was not in Crisis because the actress is really bad and would ruined the emotional impact of Oliver's death.

  6. Crisis on earth x was better than Crisis on infinite earth, much better storyline. Too bad they cut so many character like reverse flash in crisis on infinite earth

  7. Everyone realize this. Yes we would have loved for so many characters to appear. I agree. But the truth is theres a lot that comes with getting people in these shows. With scheduling and with he actors even wanting to do it in the first place. Not to mention the budget that the show has. Its a tv show meaning im sure they have little money to spare after paying their current actors and the special effects. Take what we got

  8. The reverse flash was in the trailer for hour 4 . he was in it even when slowed down you see him… Yet he wasn't in the episode

  9. I only watched this vid because I thought there would be mention of other DC properties like "Gotham", "Shazam" or "Krypton" but alas, no mention. Their inclusions would have been huge in the crossover, especially David Mazous' young Bruce Wayne/Year One Batman.

  10. Let’s be honest if felicity was in this she would have ruined this whole crossover. Best season ever without her.

  11. With all of the computer animation and editing they should totally edit in adam west and burt wards batman and robin if only to have them bite it some kind of bat something

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