45 thoughts on “Director Of Joker Reveals The Fate Of Zazie Beetz's Character

  1. I really did enjoy Joker, but that's the reason this movie didn't really resonate with me, I think. The Joker isn't supposed to have a code or ethics of any kind. He has no qualms with killing people indiscriminately and randomly. This movie, while an excellent film, somewhat marginalizes the character by giving him a background and showing us why he is this way. We're not supposed to know why he is what he is, how he became what he is or who he used to be; it's not relevant. The movie portrays Arthur as sympathetic and somewhat in a heroic light (obviously, as he's the protagonist) as he gets his revenge on those who treated him poorly. The Joker character, as I understand it, is not a vehicle for mental health advocacy. He's not a hero, he's not connatural in the slightest; aside from being the darkest, unrepentant and insoluble outcome of what someone could become. Giving the Joker a backstory, let alone a sympathetic backstory combined with a moral compass makes this Joker, a joker.

    But that's just my two cents.

  2. Before I found out that Sophie is alive all like "That's so dark just murdering a little girl and her mother" but imagine my relief when I found out she and the daughter were still alive
    Edit: If Warner Bros and DC does make a Joker 2 I hope Sophie and her daughter appear in the sequel and have a role to play

  3. I think he kills her and her daughter. After he found out what his mother did, he projected all of his hate for women on to Sophie. Had he let her live, she would have called the cops and they would have been knocking his door down since she knew where he lived. He was in his apartment afterwards with no worries at all. The therapist at the end did him no wrong, yet he kills her too.

  4. I had this question during movie but he didn't kill the midget guy so it was clear that he only kills the people who wronged with him

  5. I swear I saw a Arthur in the crowd when they talked about the riots the first time around. It was on the tv in black and white.

  6. We all know that if she had been killed that it would have been spun as a hate crime and antifa and blm would have blown up the theatres. I know i am not the only one thinking that either.

  7. The original script and u c it in the trailer when he’s AF ( joker ) walking with Flowers in hand ? That was 4 Sophie b4 going 2 Murray show.. And she watching it on TV.. They took the Flower scene out..
    There’s many scene in the trailer that’s not in the movie

  8. I thought Sophie was Dominican, especially living in that part of the Bronx. Nevertheless, she did great in her role and has a very strong sex appeal in my opinion. The way she just allowed Arthur to take her was great.

  9. Happy to hear that Sophie survived. After my first viewing of the movie I was sure Arthur killed her. Todd's explanation makes so much sense. This is a genius of a movie. Would love to see more like it. I've definitely gotten so burnt out on the overused, green screen, special effects garbage we've been force fed in theaters recently.

  10. i really wish they just hadn't done the hallucination bit at the end, makes the whole movie up for debate now. did this happen? did that? who fucking knows, it had no purpose and was forced in to try and make the movie seem more deep and to give this "open to interpretation" BS clout.

  11. Would’ve preferred if he just had stayed quiet on this topic. Yeah we know he probably didn’t kill her but it’s so much more effective if we all have that sliver of doubt in our head that says “maybe he did?”

  12. That's really stupid that you cut a scene just because your main actor wasn't in it.

    God I didn't think I could dislike this movie any more then I already did.

  13. The reason why I thought Arthur killed Sophie was that in his mind, she did wrong him by leading him on and then pretending the whole thing never happened (again from his twisted perspective)…hearing those sirens right after as he walked down the hallway also made me believe she did die…

    But honestly, I'm happy she survived.

  14. Maybe he felt like Sophie wronged him, by refusing to help him and turning him away in this time of need with how crazy he is. Of course Todd Phillips’ answer is the true thing, but this will be my head canon ha! Todd Phillips response is the true answer though. 🙂

  15. Tbh I thought the whole sequence was stupid it was overkill … I didn’t question if he killed her …I just thought it was an obnoxious fake out …and unnecessary…I didn’t get the point..

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