31 thoughts on “Director Tim Miller Gives Update On Kitty Pryde X-Men Movie

  1. Question: If you have seen DOFP, would Kitty have been able to be killed since she can't physically be touched?

  2. I would love to see her mini series with wolverine in Japan come to life on the big screen. That would be an insane movie

  3. Tim Miller isn't anything special of a director. At least in my eyes this is good news. Dude doesn't need to have any part in what Marvel has in store. Deadpool was enough.

  4. I am hoping that Kitty Pride will appear in 'Deadpool 3' for a cameo or more screen time. Kitty and Deadpool will make a nice couple for lewdness.

  5. No, actually, it is NOT something we would want to see. Miller ruined the entire Terminator franchise when he had the idea to kill off John Connor… for shock value. It worked. Now I want him to stay the fuck away from any franchise I care about. I don't care that he made Deadpool. Deadpool 2 showed that he wasn't the reason the first movie succeeded. Miller can go on making indie movies for all I care, as long as he stays away from ruining the properties I care about.

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