43 thoughts on “Disney Gives In To Outrage, Flips Position On RDJ

  1. I'm sorry – did I just hear Brie Larson is up for an Oscar nomination????? WTH???? She was hardly in the movie – and when she was she sucked like Dyson vacuum.

  2. I really don’t know if I can consider RDJ a supporting character in this film since he led the film in screen time.

    The only performance that I think should get some legit consideration for best supporting role is Karen Gillian.

    That being said, I highly doubt any of them get nominated. It will get some technical nominations and the Russo bros may have a shot of getting a nom, but that’s it.

  3. The Popeye's chicken sandwich doesn't deserve a Food award just because it's popular and makes the most money. I love "Endgame" but come on.

  4. Too little, too late. All they are trying to do is challenge Joker's chances. It's coming off as a bit cheesy now.

  5. How is RDJ a “supporting” actor? He’s the first actor credit for the movie, features prominently on most posters, and is the most veteran character in the cast. He’s also the highest paid.

  6. Lets be honest, RDJ did a good job as ironman all these years, better than a good job, no one will feel right after him. But his acting was okay. Its disney guys.. disney is crowd pleasing milktoast story telling these days. & to all the people saying he deserves it for all the work he put it.. what about Hugh Jackman in logan? That was iconic. RDJ hasnt put out a lead role or supporting role where i was like “Damn, that is powerful” Ironman 2 sucked ass. He has a powerful character arc solely because of how many movies he was cast as ironman in. Its Quality over quantity people. Thats why Joaquin deserves it more because he did one movie, made that character his own, and iconic, and his movie is making relatively more profit than Endgame. He did that on his own. RDJ has had tons of people to bounce off of and make him look good. Like Brie larson in comparison who is simply terrible why was she in this list wtf????

  7. I’m sorry. The only actor in a superhero movie deserving an Oscar is Phoenix. I know it, you know it…. everybody knows it. RDJ is a good actor! But the mimics they do in superhero movies are worthy of graduating students.

  8. 100% just my opinion, I thought it was a great scene but his acting wasn't a masterpiece or anything. It wasn't bad but it definitely wasn't amazing

  9. Not a single actor in the MCU deserves a nod for any MCU output thus far. You liking something doesn't mean its on the level with other more deserving roles. Stop embarrassing yourself with this fucking campaigns.

  10. Best actor JP for his role as Joker don’t forget there’s another movie coming out soon with some great actors in it The Irishman so I don’t see RDJ winning anything especially for his roll as Ironman in endgame which wasn’t a good movie at all don’t get me wrong I like RDJ since weird science

  11. You millennials are lowering the bar if your even for a second think any marvel movie deserves an Oscar other than for technical or wardrobe. 🤔

  12. Thank-FREAKING-god! Robert deserves to win this year, no contest! That scene where he blasts Cap upon coming back to Earth was chilling.

  13. Even though Endgame was shit and full of overated idol worshipped, and I was not entertained by The Last Jedi, MCU owes at least half if not more to RDJ. After all he started it off with Iron Man and if that flopped MCU would of been completely different and maybe even not have existed. His death wasn't even satisfying in the movie, but still. Ili read the comics when it comes to the Arc regarding Endgame. Infinity war was amazing though. Endgame was boring till the very end. Not to mention the whole agenda and useless characters like Captain Marvel bs. Literally could of cut her out and the movie wouldn't of been any different. It's nothing towards the actress, just the lazy ass writers.

  14. Did they really try to not include RDJ in their award nominations? I had not heard of this till now. It seems ludicrous to not include him.

  15. Robert Downey Jr wont have his previous work before engame considered, and I'd say engame wasnt even his best mcu performance.

  16. RDJ: dont do it Disney please, you know what happened it 2008 with the Joker
    Disney: fair enough lets just say supporting actor
    Joker: hahahahaha (sudden silence)
    Disney: what's so funny?
    Joker: you wouldn't get it

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