47 thoughts on “Disney+ Just Dropped A Bombshell For Launch Day

  1. Umm, I thought that Disney advertising that Marvel movies would be included in Disney+ already meant that Marvel movies would be included in Disney+ ? don’t waste my time, Looper

  2. Moon Knight, I'm sold man. I hope they do Mister Knight as well, as that dude is crazy, and definitely not just a batman rip off. (and yeah, mister and moon knight are the same person, mister knight is his street level persona though) She Hulk better be a Lawyer as well.

  3. Please stop playing that IRON MAN SNAP scene all the time in all the marvel videos. It makes it less special, boring and even frustrating to see it all the time in all the videos about marvel. Please stop this madness. Don't you dare make that emotional heartbreaking scene into a yawn fest

  4. Avengers is overrated and predictable. The only reason I’d get DisneyPlus is for “Float.” And NO, Disney is not the best storytellers, they are the best business of storytellers and they are the best formulaic storytellers. Don’t try to put them on par with Vince Gilligan or Christopher Nolan.

  5. Pretty sure everyone thought this was going to be on there anyways. Isn't this channel all about Marvel and Star Wars? Seriously, I thought all the marvel movies were going to be on here? So are they, or are they not opening up the entire library for Star Wars and Marvel? I'm confused…

  6. I keep hearing people say that Moon Knight is like Marvel’s Batman, but with magic.

    I’m curious about this series either way.

  7. Amazing don’t know what am watching on Disney plus if I will sign up on or not and there somewhat awesome marvel show coming on Disney plus might check out wandavison, Loki, Hawkeye, falcon and the winter soldier etc if I go with Disney plus but there one series I will not watch on there service is marvel mrs marvel not a fan of the new mrs marvel etc fantastic job on the video looper

  8. I didn’t know it wasn’t expected..I figured every MCU film would be on there. Along with every other Disney movie and newly acquired assets that they plan to make sequels/reboots of. ??‍♂️

  9. Endgame will soon be available for streaming to watch whenever we want? Thanks, but I already have my Blu-Ray copy with tons of extras to watch whenever I want.

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