23 thoughts on “Dumb Things In The Indiana Jones Movies Everyone Ignored

  1. Submarines of that era travelled on the surface. They only submerged if they detected danger or were sneaking up on a target to torpedo.

  2. How is exploring Christian and Hindu mythology any different from exploring alien mythology? And temple of doom is waaaayyy worse than crystal skull.
    1 last crusade
    2 raiders
    3 crystal skull
    4 temple of doom

  3. you missed talking about the BOULDER.. he couldve just walked back into where he came from.. the boulder wouldve rolled on infront of him

  4. You missed an important point. In the 3rd movie, after indy found the grail, what about the the iehovah floor puzzle? did he and elsa have to spell iehovah backwards to get out of there? The movie skipped past that and went to the main cave and that was it.

  5. Why did Indy run from the rolling rock?
    If he just would have ducked down, it would have simply rolled past him. (problem solved) come on Indy!

  6. In ROTLA Indy saw a drawing showing the people carrying the Ark into battle were blindfolded. That's how he guessed that he and Marion needed to keep their eyes closed.

  7. How did indy know religious things even though he was a skeptic? I have encountered devout atheists who love to destroy not so devout Christians by being extremely read up on the bible.

    The submarine thing-even though subs spent the vast amount of time on the surface, they also had an officer and two lookouts on the conning tower at all times while surfaced.

    In Raiders, indy says he hasn't seen marian in ten years. Before then, indy and marian were an item. Problem is, in raiders, marian is in her mid twenties. Do the math. In addition, she yells at indy:"I was a child!!" to which he curtly replies:"You knew what you were doing." Add in the "fall out" with ravenwood. Why? Indy was having an affair with his 15-16 year old daughter.

  8. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was inspired by 50s pulp sci fi adventure stories. It fits right in with the genre of the first 3.

  9. Indy wasn't a religious man and he didn't KNOW that closing his eyes would work, but he knew it was his best chance. He was a historian and that included Biblical history. Indy knew the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which God destroyed the two cities. Those spared were told to not look at the cities or they would die. You don't have to be a believer to know this story and since Indy was tied up, he knew closing his eyes was the only chance he had at survival.

  10. Short round went on his own adventures in the goonies after indy took him to Chinese family that adopted him in the goonbox

  11. Raiders is stupid. The nazis die anyway, so the whole chase is nothing but a huge fail. With the knowledge Indiana had, his story arc is just a waste of film.

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