34 thoughts on “Easter Eggs You Missed In El Camino

  1. The red hair DA lady from BCS was on the TV , a Vamanos Uniform was on the floor in Todd's bedroom, when Jesse is pleasing w Ed, he says he's "96 percent sure" his meth purity level Mark at one time during the show.. when Kandy and Jesse are leaving Todd's bedroom Kandy says ,"you got balls, I'll give you that" the same exact quote Tuco said after him and Walt had their showdown when Walt blew up his den. Also across the street from Kandys welding shop looks like what used to be the Salamanca Ice cream store.

  2. I think i catched another easter egg. Is in the part when Jesse is listening to the radio on the night, the locutor says that Walrer White was found death or something like that, and then he started to talk about stock market or things related to ir (the locutor), when he says thath the NASDAQ had decreased 34 points, making a conection with Walt's dialogue with Skyler, when he says "I'm the danger", and then he says to her solething like "if i suddenly stop going into work a job big enough that can be listed on the NASDAQ goes to nothing". I found it very interesting and also very well hidded!

  3. The scene where they made him run back and forth was horrible. I only wish we could have watched them all die again. Todd was a monster but he actually saved Jesse from death and never took any real pleasure in torturing him.

  4. The silver fern above the bath jessie takes is a reference to New Zealand (Where Jessie and his GF talked about running away to)

  5. @3:14 "In extra large fasion"
    Lmao yo Todd was Huuuuuge during the movie wtf. It was a giant distraction. Should have waited 6 more months for Jesse Plemons to drop the weight 😂

  6. If you let ads break into your video (especially mid sentence) ruining the watching experience…

    …thumbs down, no subscription.

    Piss off looper.

  7. El Camino didn't feel like breaking bad or BCS, it wasn't as carefully crafted. The acting wasn't as good this time around, the whole thing wasn't written as well, and the attention to detail was just lacking, eg; Walt wearing a bald cap instead of shaving his head, Todd being 300 pounds heavier, I can't help but feel that netflix rushed Gilligan to release this as fast as possible. It's a good movie, but not on the level of BB and BCS which are both 10/10s. This is more like an 8.

  8. you think you would do the translation instead of copying what people on the internet say… el camino means “the road” NOT “the way”

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