24 thoughts on “Easter Eggs You Missed In Star Trek: Picard Episode 4

  1. Poirot meets star trek or the search for Spock errrr um Data as its slowly revived for no reason. If this gets much slower I'll have to set my alarm clock for twenty seconds, and No2 or is it No1

  2. It’s turning in to the magnificent seven, being honest it has even paid homage to the original seven samurai. In my opinion.
    Let’s see how it pans out.

  3. If I was to use absolute candor, I'd sadly have to admit that this was the absolute worse episode of Star Trek I have ever seen 😑

  4. This show is an embarrassment to the Star Trek franchise. It's slow, has no real direction, and the character Picard is just plain old.

  5. I'm sorry "A member of the enterprise crew" I believe you mean Reginald Barkley the most important officer in all of star fleet

  6. S01E04: Bit of a filler episode just to collect two passenger, well four if count the two new photonic people.

    I do suspect he has dozens if not 100s of versions of himself to kept to himself.

    Seven's ship was chop choped a bit too easily – looks more of a ploy vehicle to get her onboard.

    When reuniting with children after an extended separation – read the Buddhism parable of the Prodigal son.

    Picard is following it and not just out right saying, I am going to dye without born nanotech and after resigning, seems to have been 'planet bound'. Is Interstellar travel by 'anyone' no longer possible?

    Cylons, Cylons… Romulans are Cylons – with the MEIOSIS. Still a rip from BSG – just making them self replicating with each other and it has been 2000 years so all but a few have forgotten they are Vulcan-made cylon synthetic life forms.

    Mars should be BLUE as it was being terraformed a LONG time before Picard. The Archer Enterprise NX was pulling comets from the Ord Cloud to make oceans on Mars… where are they? The death toll on Mars and Utopia Planetia was VERY VERY LOW! Mars should by that years have a population of BILLIONS. Other far less habitable planets had been terraformed to suit various UFP species.

    Everything ST is always Earth-centric and Human-centric… It is right up there with USA-exceptionalism when every country of earth has a population who all have exceptionalism of each country/region etc. USA-exceptionalism does not exist beyond the USA borders.

    Thousands of worlds and species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant and NO ONE could replicate Data who was made a good 50 years before this time frame… even in TOS, Rok and the Old Ones were more advanced than Data. He is not the be all and end all of androids. His mother was MORE advanced than both data and lore!

    The AI of Control of STD was more advanced than the data type droids and that was a Long time before data/lore/their mother… if there are three – I suspect he replicated all those who lived on that colony.

    TNG first Romulan encounter – they were busy, but are back now. As in they had a borg issue to deal with in their region of galaxy.

    Voyager had a Romulan assimilated who did not have an Icheb like biological detach from collective virus.

    Smoking… really! The Snake weed, yeah but the Havana cigars – No.

    No Money in Federation, why was she Envious of his vineyards/house?

    Shipyards are very small for the size of the UFP. With Replicator and Transporter technology, ships just as shuttles that were always being consumed on Voyager… are choose design and click start and the Energy to Matter does all the 3D printing of anything from a cup of earl grey to a galaxy class Cruise, Passenger, and Cargo Ships (they much be Much larger than scientific vessels). A Ship to transport 10k people or a NCC class ship should take nor more than a few hours. There was a beam sweeping the Enterprise when several tried to steal things… the beam was scanning the ship and anything with cracks or loose or warped was dematerialised and then re-materialised to 'design specs'. It was decades before Picard so the build it beaming / replicator tech would be Much faster.

    Spock going through the singularity back in time… odd he was not frozen in time of the event horizon or IF went through the singularity erupted into a New Universe from it's Big Bang from it's core 'white hole'. He Only required about 5 to 10cc of the Red Matter… Why did his ship have several cubic metres of the stuff!

    Five eyes, GCHQ etc listen in on bulk meta data from all current Global Comms… ergo the UFP would have a very similar listening in on All Comms so they would know exactly where who is and saying doing what where when how.

    Every technology, stunt, etc are all copied from Existing other programmes in television and film. I have Yet to see a single thing that is Original to a ST vision of future tech and society etc…

    More to follow…

  7. I'm a treky and proud of it but apart from the first episode and the breif appearance of seven in episode 4 I'm bored, talk about character building and filler episodes. If this was a movie it would be 400 hours long, I want it to work, in fact I long for it to succeed but jeez oh…….. Boring for 60%.

  8. I think Picard lost his dislike of children over the course of TNG. I think some fans still has Picard stuck in season one TNG.

  9. Since Vulcans are space elves, and Romulans are their evil counterpart, aka, space dark elves, then doesn't that make the sword-slinging Romulan who works with the heroes into Drizzt Do'Undren… in space?

  10. I guess you can call me a old Star Trek fan but this has been dragging on for 4 weeks.
    They have used profanity in a few times which I just don't like. If you can't keep it clean you don't need my family to watch it. The last episode (4) was the end of my watching.
    I would rather watch "The Orville". It is more family friendly.

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