Easter Eggs You Missed in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 2

24 thoughts on “Easter Eggs You Missed in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 2

  1. this is so random but the guy on the thumbnail also played in the Tv show version of "10 things I hate about you" 😂

  2. You forgot the part where LT Kirk is rolled over after he gets shocked. It was a call back to when Capt Kirk rolled over Sam in the TOS episode "Operation — Annihilate!

  3. Aside from Pike and Spock the other cast members are meh. Love the show just there is no chemistry between any of them. Bland yet shiny.

  4. The biggest Easter egg ever;
    Hale bopp was a comet.
    The people who worshipped it were called “children of the comet”
    They called what they did an “away mission”
    One of the “worshipers” if you will, that would eventually kill themselves was one Thomas Alva Nichols, brother of Nichelle Nichols, the original actress to portray Uhura.
    This is an Uhura centric episode titled “children of the comet”.

    Join us next week on unsolved mysteries

  5. Is this the first time a character from Star Trek uses the Imperial measuring instead of the metric system?

  6. I think we learned more about Uhura in the first 8 minutes of this episode than in the last 50 years of Trek.

  7. So who is the A-hole who decided that Spock needed dainty little sideburn extensions? Makes him look like a little soy-boy.

  8. Robert April was also in the ST:TAS episode, "The Counterclock Incident". It was the final episode of the animated series to be released.

  9. There is another easter egg which is the comet, which resembles a lot the comet in the intro of DS9. And guess what, the comet could be an earlier emissary of the prophets, explaining how it knows the future (the shape of the ice fragment).

  10. Is no one going to mention the familiar ship’s computer voice when Pike “Shazams” the song transmission? It’s the deep faked voice of the late Majel Barrett!

  11. There’s a lot good about this version of Star Trek so far. And it’s always easy to find bad things to say. I hope this comment is neither. What I would like to see more than anything as the first adjustment to the show is… Turn off about half the lighting on the bridge. It looks more like a Dave & Buster’s video arcade then a starship.

  12. I havent watched this show yet but plz tell me that guy in the video thumbnail isnt supposed to be spock? Lmfao wtf dude? Is this the special Olympics version of star trek?

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