20 thoughts on “Easter Eggs You Missed In The Mandalorian Season 1

  1. You know, that blue alien that Mando was after in the first episode…. did any of you guys watch The Orville season 1? He seems to be the same species as Rob Lowe's character in that series. Doubly so because of the "glands" reference. In The Orville, Rob Lowe's character(Darullio) has "glands" that cause those around him to become sexually aroused. No doubt this could be something considered "valuable" to seedier characters like those who were wanting those glands.

  2. My question is why does no one mention that Mando's knife blade vibrates when he wields it? You can clearly see the moving blade, when he gets ready to attack the Mud Horn. Do all Mandolorian blades vibrate or just his? Are they made in a similar fashion to the Dark Saber?

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