33 thoughts on “Electroshock Therapy | Tough Mudder Clotheslined

  1. That is no way funny in any way possible, those threads give out electric shocks and if he was stuck longer than he was he could of been quite badly injured…

  2. Now thats pure comedy! The chinesse was thinking: Ohh yes baby! im bout to win this shit! Im getting laid ton..!!! Shit! Somebody help (While the rope was squeezing the shit out of his neck)

  3. it didnt entierly surround his neck, if you look closely he avoids most of them from touching the front part, but if no one went to rescue after maybe 15 seconds then he would most likely pass out from lack of air..thus causing lactic acid to start filling his muscles… then cause the world to implode and all of us being sucked into a third world universe where this makes sense. DaFuq did i just write.

  4. I really want to do this. I've been getting stronger and more fit recently, thanks to someone. I feeling so charged, I bet it feels so ecstatic going through. Pfftt.. haha! xD

  5. I'd really like to know what happened to the dude in the orange. If they had to turn off the power for a second there. He seemed ok

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