26 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke Confirms What We All Suspected About Jason Momoa

  1. Remember when this idiot tried to shame Chris Pratt for drinking bottled water and then people flooded his Twitter feed with pictures of he himself drinking bottled water……pepridge farm remembers…….what a douche

  2. Alot of guys raised by single moms are considerate to women. It's a blessing. They had great chemistry on GOT. Hope this isn't a shit starting video.

  3. You can tell he is a genuinely nice guy. I’m sad to see his marriage break up. Praying he will be fine. ❤️

  4. I did a nude scene (in the cold) for the show Snowfall last year and it's def not easy being naked in front of like 50 freakin ppl. There was a third party rep that was there to walk me threw the experience and throw a robe on me as soon as they said: "cut." So I can only imagine the amount of pressure Clarke had to go withstand.

  5. It is acting, my God you talk about the scene like he actually assaulted her. I bet she didn't feel assaulted when she deposited that check.

  6. I had a high opinion on him until he defended domestic abuse Amber Heard. I understand thats his Co-star, but the evidence against is so heavy, he might as well be condoning her actions.

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