27 thoughts on “Every Avengers 5 Rumor We've Heard

  1. apocalypse should be the main villain for the new Avengers trilogy, like what they did to thano in franchinses 💯

  2. After they introduce the XMen and FF, they could do Secret War and actually bring back characters from the dead.

  3. Meaning marvel is going downhill after endgame… not interested in new avengers, dont want nor wish to see LGBTQ in marvel! Let's keep that shit out of marvel movies!

  4. How do you forget the HULK out of all people, Captain Marvel is brought up but not the Hulk……😂

  5. Check out cda films for short films, I’m best mates with the director he recently lost his job in the industry so it’d mean a lot if you showed some support with a cheeky view at his passion projects, I’m biased as f*** but honestly there’s some decent stuff there 😂

  6. No more speculation until we at least get one next phase movie. I’d be happy to leave the MCU before they do irreparable damage, since we have the payoff of Endgame

  7. why would the MCU .need to have guys kiss other guys or women kissing women. didn't need at first and still dont need tht now.

  8. I’ve heard rumours about Ironman coming back. It’s just not right. Showing his past is fine. But that era is over and look at the cringiness that was justice league.

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