48 thoughts on “Everything You Should Know About Crisis On Infinite Earths

  1. Crisis on infinite Earth's is more of a event than a story. It was just DC restarting their continuity. So they created this Absurdity.

    Thanos: I can destroy half the universe with just the snap of my fingers.
    Anti-Monitor: I eat Universes for Breakfast
    Thanos: 😨

  2. I think Timely Comics (Marvel) invented the shared superhero universe when they had the Human Torch battle the Submariner… I believe that predates any National Comics (DC) crossovers.

  3. When Supergirl is brought to the big screen, the TV show will be going off the air. Because the makers DON'T want to confuse their fans.
    (I.e. If one's better they don't want fans to Whine and complete about which is better)

  4. lol no one watches the tv shows so using this big story line is just a waste luckily nothing that happens in these tv shows are cannon

  5. The worst thing about this is I have to watch Batwoman and Supergirl. Worst acted and written shows. Plus the SJW lectures.

  6. More steam for the Hype train


  7. If that is the anti monitor then he looks like thanos started using the dark side of the force and became darth thanosis

  8. It all sounds good, but if the current rating trend continuse they'd better get it done quickley as batwhamen wont be around for long.

  9. Crisis on Infinite Earths…

    I have dreamed, since I was a little boy, that I would see this event in the movie theater someday (back then, I imagined Michael Keaton's Batman and Christopher Reeve's Superman in the starring roles. That's how old I am!).

    To see it finally happen on the CW is partially a dream come true for me. But also partially a disappointment, because television, in my mind, has taken a back seat to Cinemas in the 21st Century. Part of me feels like WB is treating Crisis like "it's not good enough for theaters." This, from the same company that butchered Batman v Superman, and Justice League. Are they even worthy to make that kind of judgment??

    But on the other hand, it's probably a good thing too. Because the television universe is definitely a MULTIVERSE, in every way you can imagine. That multiverse has been hard-established, whereas cinema DC Universe is considerably further behind (still only one universe, by my count). You can't have Crisis on the big screen under those conditions. It can only happen on the CW. And I understand that. And for the most part, DC's television shows have been spectacular enough to warrant their usage of such an event. So I'll take what I can get.

    But I will not rest in peace until I see a version of Crisis in the movie theaters! Even if that means I have to live a couple of hundred years to see it!

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