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  1. There was a 3rd killer. No way little Amber could have killed Dewey. The killer lifted him off the floor.

  2. Those people who wanted Stu back is definitely giving toxic fan sht, just like what the whole movie is about. Anyway The new scream is fking awesome

  3. Where was Matthew Lillard I need him back just bring him back pls I need this legend I mean bring back Skeet Ulrich but not Matthew why!!!

  4. What exactly is the point of these explained videos? People who haven’t seen the movie won’t watch this because they don’t want to be spoiled and people who have seen it don’t need to hear the ending explained by an incredibly boring narrator. We already know what happened lol.

  5. mehhh worst scream movie ever. They think killing off a legacy character will have a huge impact on how sht their story is. 😂 It was better if they leave it at scream 4 tbh

  6. Horrible just Horrible
    Dewey gets killed by a high school chick.
    Obviously it's Ritchie from the start.
    Lazy dialog
    Gales face looks like the ghost face killer mask.
    Erasing from the series in my mind!

  7. Scream 5 was amazing. This time it explored toxic fans, who thinks that reboots shouldn't be made and there should be only original. I like it.

  8. i actually enjoyed this movie a lot. as someone who grew up watching the first scream, it’s not bad. but the only issue I have with the movie is how amber was shot 3 times and didn’t end up in the hospital or show signs of being injured… unless there’s a 3rd accomplice

  9. Please read: I believe the better plot would have been, Dewey was 1 of 3 killers alongside Billy and Stu let me explain: The whole plot was for Dewey and Billy and Stu to be portrayed as heroes and for Dewey to have something that brings him closer to gale Wethers, instead the plan goes bad and Billy and Stu end up dying therefore leaving Dewey to forever keep his involvement a secret. The movie "stab" gets made and gale weathers and Dewey form a relationship,
    Scream copycats come along to the surprise of Dewey (still being the 1/3 of the original killers) but no longer taking part in any other murders, Dewey's plot and Intentions are real as he is now trying to really save the town from these people, lying to himself because he knows deep down he was a part of what is now going on, anyways long plot shortened,
    (SCREAM 5 PLOT): Dewey,Gale, and Sidney are a part of the original cast and there is always someone from the past tied in right? Well who better to end of the series as the big bad "Dewey"

    The two "Ghostface" copycats are unmasked and ready to make their "ending" which never works and Dewey knows this because he has lived through many stabbings and plots and copycats, but being the original he is always one step ahead,
    A third "Ghostface" comes out stabing the "copycat" unmasked Ghostface revealed characters and as Ghostface takes its mask off slowly its revealed its gale weather's who had been working alongside "Dewey" but the thing is that Dewey is smarter and he is the original so he shoots gale weather's in the face leaving the audience in shock, no one can believe this revelation, what happens next ?
    Dewey explains to Sidney that this will never end and he says "SCREAM SYDNEY" "SCREAM" it's all over baby, don't you see? I was one of the original killers alongside Billy and Stu, the motive? Well there is no motive I don't want a sequel Sidney, the plot ends, as he gives his speech (slow motion of Sidneys confused crying face whispering):Why dewey?
    In slow motion Dewey stabs Sidney,
    The camera pans out to the house this happened as cops arrive to the home sirens are heard across the night and in the next scene
    Dewey is in normal clothes and not his Ghostface clothes,
    Dewey has multiple stab wounds that he delieveretly inflicted on himself (non life-threatening) as in the ending scenes
    Dewey is taken away in a cop car riding passanger, this making
    "STAB" turn into the official "SCREAM" and the new Scream generation begins, as Dewey is never heard from again.

  10. This was a stupid ending.
    The fact amber killed Dewey… rubs it in Gales face and they have a big sequence where Gale shoots her… and she lives?!
    AND Sidney and Gale are not used well in the third act. But we can’t forget the whole Judy Hicks death scene… no. She held a knife in the house because she heard a noise, but then she runs into the house without any weapon? A gun? Stupid

  11. I really don't understand why people are saying that Amber was a predictable killer…. everyone was only suspecting Wes and Tara and maybe even Ritchie…in fact I read many comments which said that Amber would be the true opening kill…so it's really really irritating when people say that Amber was a predictable killer… because I think that the movie and Mikey Madison did a great job hiding Amber as the killer

  12. I would hope to think that I'm talking for everyone when I say that although it was a good movie, it was a huge missed opportunity. Stu should have been back for sure. Also, if Tara can survive 7 critical stabs, I would wanna believe Dewey could survive the like 4-5 stabs. I know it looked like Deweys was worse but if you really go back and compare it was pretty much identical. Finally, how tf do they have a girl that was on-screen for 2 seconds be the one that takes Dewey down, there is nothing about that that makes since. It would've been the best movie of 2022 if they would've just made Stu the killer, and his reasoning being Billy gets all the credit for the kills that night. This is of course on top of his original reasoning in scream 1. There were so many parts that like confirmed Stu coming back so it was just such a disappointment not seeing him.

  13. It was so great Film!!!!I enjoyed so much 💕 It had so much unexpected things.The death of Dewey!
    The black girl survived!
    The opening girl of the movie survived too!
    So uncommon elements!

  14. I feel like I’m the only person who was disappointed with this film… but I’m glad everyone else enjoyed it

  15. I think they gave the boyfriend killer away easily soon as i saw he got away with a scratch and how he looked shocked as hell when he seen duwey shoot the girl and idk how these females surviving all these injuries it just seem written to quick for me needed more creative

  16. I can't take Scream seriously after watching the whole Scary Movie franchise. Ghost-Face just isn't 'Scary' anymore. I won't waste any more money on a movie ticket. It is just dumb.

  17. I felt like it was good love the homage this one pays to the og however just hate the motive to kill …. Obsessed fans ehhhh they should’ve made it gale behind it all along and she killed dewy now tht would be a shocker or something better than “crazed Fans”

  18. I was pretty spot on with Ritchie but was back and forth between Amber and Mindy. I knew one of the legacy characters would die and had hoped it to be Gale but I had a feeling it would be Dewey. I’m disappointed to be right because he was my favorite character

  19. I thought wes was gonna survive I’m sad because of that but more sad because Judy died also I thought Sidney was gonna died I was gonna cry good thing she survived 🤠

  20. Once again another franchise done in by people who will no longer take risks and think outside of the box. Fml. This is nothing but a head scratcher. And it means one more scream somewhere down the line cus Sydney is still alive. You had your chance with Mathew Lillard "Stu" but you just screwed that up. Way to go and not honor wes craven at all jackass's.

  21. I called the killers when I seen the cast announcement like scream 4 (these last 2 movies just wanted to give it away) and that motive…. “I killed everyone because a guy looked at me weird 5 years ago in an arbys while getting a beef n cheddar” sounds more believable than what they gave us.

  22. Ritchie and amber's motive is so bad, that it makes Jill's motive even more original lol. But out of all the movies in this franchise, billy's motive stays the best.

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