41 thoughts on “Family of Skunks Says Hello | Friendly Skunks

  1. and this my children is a human… one day it will be one of these that will run you over in this very same road

  2. I can't stop watching this one, lol! Something about baby animals, just friendly and adorable as fuck! Little skunkies following their momma around! Very inquisitive critters. I know of some people that had 2-3 skunks as pets, with their scent glands removed of course. Very much like pet cats so i'm told.

  3. When I was a kid, well since I was a kid up until 2012 when pop passed on. Every year we would take a 2 to 3 week vacation to old state park in wappapello MO. We had old friends who would meet us every year. The memories of those trips are some of my most favorite memories. After supper every evening we’d set around the camp fire and just shoot the breeze. There were many many many things me a mother skunk and her babies or a colony of raccoons would walk right through our camp. I always thought it was funny because the skunks were just like cats. They would rub around your pant leg or even sometimes, especially the baby’s would try to climb your leg. We did not dare touch them out of fear that momma skunk might think we were trying to hurt her baby and spray us. The urge to just pick up one of these cute little fluff balls was almost unbearable. They are just so cute.

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