38 thoughts on “Freddy Kreuger's Disturbing Backstory Finally Explained

  1. They never explained those 3 dream demons who made a deal with Freddy as he was burning. Did he have access to the book of the dead? Did he summon those demons through satanism ? That's the missing piece to how he came to be other then just being a child killer.

  2. I'm confused between this story and the one where he worked at the daycare and was liked and trusted by parents then it seemed he was implied to be molesting the kids at the school

  3. Does anyone see how this could have been avoid is Amanda was just willing to love him. Just sayin’ the true villain is lack or parental love

  4. Why do you keep releasing these "finally explained" videos and pretending like there's new info in them? All these movies were explained many years ago.

  5. Me an my mom always argue about him being a pedo or a child killer in the old movies he was a child killer in the new one he’s labeled as a pedo at the end

  6. But how far does "damage carrying over" go? I mean, people in the real world don't see a giant cockroach where their daughter used to be…

  7. Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors also gave us one hell of an awesome sound track and music video by Dokken, song also being called Dream Warriors.

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