30 thoughts on “Friend or Foe: For the 'Gram | This is Happening

  1. If the gay proposal had been funny, like every other clip, it would not have come across as propaganda – for which you receive a downvote. Boo, hiss.

  2. Well, the best luck to the couples ships but you must dislike this video, because this channel must sink. (And also pay an indenization for every creator it has scammed so far)

  3. Hi Jukin Media AKA This Is Happening. Keep doing what your good at, and delete your youtube and keep on hiding. 🙂

  4. Junkin Media, in defense, referenced a copy right case involving the Fair Use Act to demonstrate their willingness to take this to court. They lost the court case they referenced.

  5. this is jukin media so as @TheQuartering said ''keep it classy'' i wil now say, You sir are a twat and i kindly request to find another way to hide, prefferably just dissapear like in your dear mums buttomshole. good day to you sir

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