20 thoughts on “Godzilla Vs. Kong's Confusing Moments Explained

  1. No they fought 3 times… Zilla won't the first time, Kong won the second time and then zilla won the third and final time.

  2. OK sure that why people say godzilla won but in truth kong won look at godzilla and look at kong zilla is a Supreme monster kong is a monkey but I still find kong should win

  3. Hey I got a question

    As we know Hollow Earth kijus would be stronger than ours becuz more radiation,
    And there can't be soo less titians shown in the movie down in Hollow Earth
    Could there be a Godzilla whos in sleep for years?
    What would be our Godzilla reaction?
    That would be epic Godzilla watching he's ancestors and him watchin he's grand child I can say

  4. What's more confusing is why millie bobby brown is in the movie? Her role for the movie is pointless

  5. You forgot that at the end godzlilla clearly challenges kong a third time to which Kong answers by dropping his ax.

  6. Anyone wondered;; that even if gidorah took over… Isn't it strange that gidorah who was just an animal… Could take over.. a programmed machine?? And knows how to use it just fine!!! How?? With conscious ??? That's dumb

  7. Personally wish they didn't use Ghidorah's skull. Keep Ghidorah for a later films after using radiation to regenerate its body or parts of it. Why radiation, it's a theory that Ghidorah used the radiation from the volcano to re grow his third head

  8. I have a theory that the Godzilla species is related or came from the energy from the hollow earth.

  9. So if Godzilla is millions of years old how was he created with a nuke or missiles it makes no sense

  10. So more violence against Asians? I see where this is going.

    (C'mon folks, a little levity in such dour times).

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