31 thoughts on “Hail A Cab | Car Smash Survivor Flees The Scene

  1. daamn i shoul've read the comments before posting mine.I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that in mind.Ill give u my like

  2. Probably drunk driving or something. Obviously he's not in the right mind (or just an idiot) to realize they'll run his plate or VIN number.

  3. I don't think he hailed that taxi at all. I think he was trying to jack the taxi, and the driver hits the gas. The guy is hanging on to the door as the driver is pulling away. Look at it again in slow motion.

  4. Why did nobody else give you thumbs up? I completely didn't catch it the first time but after reading your reply I totally see it now!

  5. The guy had his girlfriend's car and was drinking while driving then crashed into my family's gas station. Tried to jump into a cab but the cab driver tried to trade off without the guy that wrecked the car then he jumped threw the website of the cab.

    This happened at GPX gas station

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