34 thoughts on “Here's Why Falcon And Winter Soldier Is Suspending Filming

  1. Some of their videos though..they did a whole why do this character look familiar for "you" and even do every what does the ending mean they can think off

  2. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes. The only issue that I can see with these shows on Disney+ being delayed is that if Fiege and Marvel were planning big and meaningful crossovers with the movies, timing would become a very real problem.

  3. uh, im not entirely sure MAdripoor is an island per se. isnt it like…..part of Asia/middle east place? it was visited in the more recent x-men comics

  4. Some people are also saying that Arecibo (The place where they were gonna film) got destroyed and its not even like that, i live in Arecibo and its located in the North, all these earthquakes have been in the south region

  5. A few episodes of Agents of Shield were filmed in Puerto Rico. There were likely connections already made on the island with the folks at Marvel (and there is a economic subsidy to film there). I hope they get to film in PR. (I was born there, so I may be a little biased.)

  6. Gosh Darn!!!! Everything's being delayed, Final Fantasy Remake, Cowboy Bebop on Netflix & now this!! What's next Mortal Kombat 2021??

  7. you know I live in Puerto Rico, and I have to say this, its been 2 days without any sort of earthquakes, so the chances that they might come sooner is pretty high.

  8. Disney’s flopping already = if they were smart & REALLY wanted to be number 1, they’d release season more than once/year = ALL shows besides The Mandalorian are FLOPS = keeping the audience waiting is DUMB & you guys have ALL of the money supposedly, so doing that shouldn’t be an issue = try being unique/original for once!

  9. They’ve suspended it because he just signed up to play young Luke Skywalker in another new Disney series.

    I wish!!! 🙏😬

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