28 thoughts on “How Fans Are Reacting To Robert Pattinson's Batman Reveal

  1. We want a Batman that will interact the new joker, that’s what we want, we got the joker now we need Batman and then bring them both together is that too much to ask?!?!?

  2. I'm gonna be half glass full and give this movie a chance. I think Pattinson has potential to surprise us all and that this movie will be great.

  3. Stop looking to twitter on what the general public has to say….. twitter is for twits… almost 1/2 of north America does not have twitter or Facebook.. and if you are going to continue to say "some twitter users" say this… quote the…

  4. The red to me felt like it was an homage to the year one comic cover abit and the cowl is basically more zorro/Adam west looking.

  5. People acting like this ain’t going to make MILLIONS lmao I’m not really down for Edward as Batman but I’m still gonna watch it some way or another

  6. Pure and absolute paid opinions, few exceptions… Pattinson is crap and an awful choice no chick flick actor should be Batman, Bruce Wayne must be a man's man. Affleck was terrible, Clooney worst, Pattinson will surpass both as the worst ever.

  7. I’m sorry but I didn’t want Affleck as Batman from the jump he was a horrible Batman and I’d much rather have this Batman

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