42 thoughts on “Jason Momoa Has Seen The Snyder Cut Of Justice League

  1. You're wrong. Justice League was about 6 or 7 months into post-production before Snyder left the project. Also, I think more than half the movie belongs to Joss Whedon. Yes, he may have "directed" 30 minutes, but he also rewrote a lot of the script. So much so, that Chris Terrio said at one point, "Can we at least try using one of my pages?"

  2. As being who has the power to make anything come in to existence, screen shot this comment and remember this day. THE SNYDER CUT OF JUSTICE LEAGUE WILL RETURN 👑

  3. We have seen the Snyder cut of 2 movies already that were shit… why go thru the agony again?
    1. Man of Steel is not a good Superman iteration
    2. BvS either cut is garbage.
    3. All of Justice League was garbage both Snyders scenes and Whedon's
    4. Mamoa is lying partially
    5. Does Snyder have an assembly cut of Justice League? yes.
    6. Did Snyder spend millions of his own money to finish the FX,CGI,Sound Mix,Sound Edit… nope.
    So many nerds full on believe there is a finished completed version of JL that will somehow redeem Snyder… nope you are all mistaken. Keep crying into that pillow… wish for this in one hand and take a shit in your other hand and tell us which fills up first. Aquaman Wonder Woman Shazam The new Suicide Squad…this is a new improved direction. Stop holding the fans hostage and impeding the DCEU with this fairy tale fucking bullshit Snyder cut.

  4. Just a thought; the Snyder cut was shown to test audiences, and it was found unwatchable.

    If it was any good, would DC and Warner Bros not release it as they did BvS Extended?

    The movie was trash, Snyder is an ok director but out of his league in huge blockbusters.

  5. If there's a Snyder cut why wouldn't they release it and make some money. Why do a cut for nothing. Like it's just going to sit in a studio? I will say Batman vs Superman was horrible BUT the extended version with over 20min of additional footage it was way better and more pleasing to watch.

  6. They need to release that cut, I like Weeden but his take on Justice League was absolute crap, he tried to make it funny like Marvel movies and it just didn't take right it made the whole movie somewhat cringy

  7. Here comes looper with their marvel biased crap. “Snyder cut highly unlikely to be released”. You guys need to understand that your opinions are childish and in the minority. History will not favor the dimwitted. It never has

  8. WB release the damn cut, what the hell do you have to lose? God knows its got to be far better the joss's stupid, worthless version. Everyone knows his cut ruined his career.

  9. This might probably be wb trying to squeeze some extra penny from justice league..rehyping the movie..but if there is an alternative version of the movie,im all in..bcos what we got before was disapointing

  10. That’s what you get when you self sabotage yourself by hiring the competition to work for you, wb executives were idiots for this

  11. Just release it, of course it will make money, then if people like it, Snyder could do an animated sequel or something to finish the story.

  12. I LOVED the Justice League movie. it was fun and enjoyable and I loved the humor. I just wish that Steppenwolf had been more formidable. The action was good, but I wish there had been more parademons. that being said, this is my fourth favorite movie of all time.

  13. You gave a direct competitor access to the birth of a super hero franchise that could have cut into his beloved MCU's profits??? This has stupid written all over it. Clear and simple… he sabotaged it.

  14. You are incorrect in your interpretation that it is “unlikely to be released” or whatever paraphrase suits you…
    How do draw such ridiculous conclusion…it’s a thoughtless opinion

  15. any news about lantern corp.? hopping after this JL2 must have green lantern and martian manhunter.. i like more dc because its characters are often known dark,serious and brooding.marvel is known to be less serious, lighter and focuses more on entertainment..

  16. I don't understand how you wouldn't want the Snyder Cut to be released if there is one that is actually out there (there have been an incredible amount of sources proving that one exists from actors, editors, writers and even the director himself). Wouldn't a better version of the film, even if you hated what was theatrically released, be interesting to watch?

  17. This is a long shot but i think the release of the s.c will put a detriment in warner bros plans for the upcoming dc movies. For instance if it's as sick as stated… Fans will demand for a second one or to complete the entire vision of the snyderverse. Which MYT affect othermovies besides Shazam…probably

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