49 thoughts on “Joaquin's Comments Put A Joker Sequel In Serious Jeopardy

  1. So glad to hear he’s probably not doing a sequel. His performance was perfection. That happens only once. Any sequel would only be less.

  2. Bruh the movies been out for like 3 weeks I don’t think a sequel is necessary nor planned since it’s already a masterpiece explaining the new origins of the Joker left off where we all remember the Clown Prince Of Crime

  3. I was thinking the next movie would be Batman against this version of the Joker. Where batman was the lead and joker was the villain.

  4. Please no sequels movies need to be respeted filmmakers only want to make money doing it.If something good why continue it.

  5. Joker #2 please and maybe with the dark Knight as well how sweet will that be a very Infamous villain joker finally meets The Dark Knight Batman for the first time do a movie A follow-up movie Joker breaking out of Arkham Asylum and meeting Batman for the first time the sky is the limit it's just up to you how you do it and I think it's about time we finally got the Batman movie we all have been waiting for a long time please do it for the fans and you know the money will be crazy to… in Joker's words ha.ha.hahaha

  6. I hope not. The 1st one isn’t any good, and they would have do a Terminator Dark Fate on it. Meaning…

    Joker isn’t the story of THE JOKER, it takes place in the 1980’s- Arthur is well known and in an insane asylum and way too old, and weak, and stupid….to ever be a threat to BatMan. (Being a bitter self entitled loser and victim of child a abuse > does not a super villain make)

    Since foolish fans of this film want him to be the Joker – they would then have to retcon the hell out of it- just like they did with Dark Fate.

    Mediocre as the 1st one was….the sequel will DESTROY IT, just like Dark fate and Alien 3.

  7. This quote is taken out of context, as this channel has a bad habit of doing. He was simply stating during an interview that he took the role without signing on for more, but would love to come back again with Todd Phillips, as this is his “dream role.”

  8. Jared Leto is the best guy to play the Joker. He was amazing in the suicide squad. i don't know how any director not use Jared to play the Joker. I think Jared Leto is the best Joker to ever play the character

  9. This movie doesn’t need a sequel by any means but if they really want to explore new ideas and think they’d do a sequel justice, I’m all on board. I just hope that they will take their time and put the same kind of love into it as they did the first.

  10. Happy to hear that he's not invested in reprising the role. JOKER is a gem, I loved most of it – some parts were out-there but hey, it's Joker, I expected much. Lets treasure it, not tarnish it with a rushed sequel merely for $$$, because "The Execs" don't care, they just want to line-their-greedy-pockets, regardless if a sequel is good or not. I'd love to see Joaquin return as Joker, but lets not rush into things. If the right pieces fall into place, esp. if script is amazing, then and only then, otherwise let things alone.

  11. As a sequel, Joker could go in many directions.

    It will be interesting to see if Hollywood has the courage to allow this character to develop into the catalyst for the need of a hero, for without chaos, there is no need for a hero. :))

    (Going to be difficult to top Joker. This movie transends the screen.

    A sequel will need to move into unchartered territory, as that's where Joker finished.)

  12. Pretty much completely in agreement. It better be a damn good script with damn good ideas in it. If what he said prevents a soulless cash-grab sequel from being made then good on him.
    And if they make one by changing actors then I'm probably not gonna go see it in theaters. Just because it worked with MCU Hulk and War Machine doesn't mean it usually works.

  13. I just think they should do a timeline with Batman/ Bruce Wayne but I’m the Jokers perspective, just like how they showed Bruce’s parents get murdered to Jokers uprising

  14. If Todd wants a sequel there will be one. And Joaquin will most definitely be in it once again as Arthur Fleck/Joker. It all comes down to the artistic genius Todd.

  15. Joker doesn't need a sequel. Let the success and the film marinate for another four years before churning out another film in a similar tone and atmosphere. Now I'd love to see Joaquin's Joker against Batman in that universe though.

  16. Joaquin is totally right, this was a perfect stand alone movie, no need to franchise the fuck out of it just because of money

  17. Why does everthing need a sequel?? It clearly wasent a superhero movie, so shouldnt need a sequel. Just leave it alone, please dont ruin it. What is going to be in a sequel? Him the leader of the tard gang?? Ugh please dont

  18. If they did a sequel to this movie there would be no Batman…period.. this movie is a made up version of joker. Not even close to cannon. I’m cool on a one off

  19. This is old news. He has always been saying this. And what he is saying is true. Without the weight of making multiple sequels or being locked in a contract there is less pressure doing one film. Joker was the perfect movie for me. If it doesnt get a sequel ill be happy. If it does, ill be happy too.

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