32 thoughts on “Keanu Finally Addresses Those Rumors Of Him Joining The MCU

  1. Did u guys hear another legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger might be joining the mcu as well? Could anyone see him play the role as Galactus?

  2. Let him be Silver Surfer…

    Galactus: Do you have anything remotely interesting to tell me?
    Silver Surfer: Caught my first tube this morning… Sir!

  3. Just have Marvel (Disney) buy the John Wick franchise, write comics about the character, then bring him in from 'another another universe'… there easy


    I can envision him playing the character hero role of (BLACK BOLT) the Inhuman, and the 2nd. I can envision him playing is (BEAST) the grown up mutant hero.

    The 3rd. I can envision actor star (KEANU REEVES) playing is the character hero (MORPH) the mutant hero; From the X-MEN cartoon show series of the late 80’s era that later ended in the late 90’s.

    The 4th. hero I can envision (KEANU REEVES) is the character hero called (Genis-Vell) this character later obtained a new superhero name it being (PHOTON).

  5. They should definitely bring him into it but not necessarily as one of the heroes – I reckon that he'd make a terrific Sabretooth. That's what I've often wondered about the MCU, why have they never had a crossover between The Avengers and the X-Men? They didn't seem to have any problems doing exactly that in Avengers Endgame what with them having all of The Avengers, Dr Stephen Strange, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and everyone from Wakanda or Captain Marvel involved in that film, did they? So what's to stop them from having the X-Men involved in future films along with the rest of those that I just mentioned?

  6. His roll is going to be something big if he does come to the marvel vurse. He’s an awesome actor and his roll needs to support his level.

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