16 thoughts on “Kid Orders Toy Microwave Using Virtual Assistant on His Own

  1. Dumb parents – 1) Disable the order function on Alexa 2) You get an email confirmation when you place an order – so they would have known it was ordered.

  2. This just happened with my 7 year old grandson. He got mommy's bank card and order stuff for ROBLOX 3 times before she caught on. 🙊 oh boy was he in trouble. 😡 No more roblox, game deleted, and no allowance until he pays back the money. Screen time was taken away for a week. It's very important to watch what your little one are doing. That's why there are parental controls! USE THEM!

  3. I did that back in the 80’s with FingerHut. Back then it was COD cash on delivery and I called and ordered a wok. My pops let me keep the Wok but said I had to cook dinner for the next week with it for 4 people without complaining. I never ordered again and everyone seemed to like eating out a lot more that week.

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