21 thoughts on “King Kong Movies Ranked Worst To Best

  1. Kong Skull Island should've been perfect if they included world building into it like Peter Jackson had did

  2. Did you now after the making of the 1976 remake of the origanil King Kong King Kong and the girl got married after making the movie

  3. Peter Jackson’s King Kong might just be the only remake that is superior to the original.

  4. so i just want to say first the original IS a classic but it can barely match up to godzilla vs kong and dont even get me started on the 2005 version

  5. 1: King Kong 2005
    2: Skull Island
    3: King Kong 1976

    (PS; Godzilla vs Kong is NOT a Kong movie, it is in it's own category.
    The GODZILLA vs KONG franchise)

  6. Should’ve let peter Jackson make Kong vs Godzilla. He would’ve made Kong won against Godzilla since his a Kong fan. Adam was a Godzilla fan hence he let Godzilla walk away

  7. How anyone can extol the "virtues" of Toho's non-canon KONG rip-offs and hate on KING KONG LIVES is something the best minds of society will never be able to explain.

  8. Godzilla vs kong
    kong skull island
    king kong 2005 (don't have any problem with the length but just didn't like kong in this film)

  9. Kong skill island is waaaaaay better than Kong vs Godzilla 2021 . The movie was trash , predictable , and lazy writing .

  10. The 1976 version of King Kong was the most unforgettable for me. Jessica Lange was so hot especially on that tight shorts even Kong had a nasty smile when he bathe her.

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