27 thoughts on “Lamborghini Races A Farm Truck | City vs Farm

  1. That is definitely a fast effin farm truck! However, it kinda looks to me like the Lambo was sand-baggin-it a little bit for the show though.

  2. if you dont know thats the farmtruck from street outlaws on discovery on mondays at 9:008:00 central #nosponse

  3. Lambo is a street legal car where that farm truck probably some V12 double turbo no exhaust pipes whatsoever sleeper drag car!

  4. Pissing myself at all the comments slating the Lamborghini!!
    The Lamborghini isn't designed for drag racing, you do know that right? The truck however is pretty much only useful for flat out acceleration in a straight light, it has the high speed cornering ability of a golf cart 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Really wish people could get past the idea that the farm truck is anything but a purpose built drag racing machine, with the sheetmetal (presumably) of a truck hung on it.

  6. now most cars use twin turbos against cars like that but that farm truck probably had freaking quadrupole turbo

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