32 thoughts on “Llama (Vicuña) Spits in Girls Face

  1. This is not a llama, it's a vicuña. Llama, which is much more big (almost like a horse), alpaca, vicuña, and guanaco, are all in the camel family. All of them would spit the same way when they are angry. Notice the animal ears down similar than cats when they get angry also. Vicuñas are the smallest and cutest, and have the most fine and expensive wool. I think she exposed her face too close to this animal without realized its body language.

  2. i lived in peru one year had business and sold everything for me peru is the worse most nasty country in the world and the people are just ignorant ugly huacos to be more specific fuck peru.

  3. " What do they eat? "
    " …grass…"
    "Llama spits on the girl face"
    Llama: That's for asking the dumb question.

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